About us

Our goal is to offer customers wines and beverages in BIO quality, made from raw materials originating from inspected and certified wineries, as well as in the demeter quality, from products grown in biodynamic wineries.

We want to support ecological methods of food production and thus our environment. That's why in our range you will only find products in real BIO or Demeter quality.

Every wine or beverage is subject to strict regular inspections, which guarantees compliance with the principles and regulations designed for organic and biodynamic wineries.

Our goal is to offer our customers something that is in compliance with these principles and also tastes great :-)
Help the environment and have a glass of organic wine!


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what? why? how?

Nowadays, the term BIO is well known to everyone. Nevertheless, let's summarize the basic principles:

  • usage of natural substances and processes,
  • responsible usage of energy and natural resources,
  • preserving biodiversity,
  • maintaining the ecological balance in the regions,
  • soil reclamation,
  • maintain water quality.

Legislation and standards on organic farming raise animal and plant welfare standards. We live well on our planet, and to keep it that way, it would be good to follow the above-mentioned principles.

Exhibitions & Events

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is not possible to visit us at exhibitions and events.


what? why? how?

When Zeus saved the goddess Demeter and took her with him to Olympus, he entrusted her with the care of fertility of earth. Demeter taught people to cultivate fields and harvest and change their lifestyle. At the same time, she also made regulations for people which were to follow. So much for a legend.

The brand Demeter which is meanwhile the highest level of bio quality and which describes the biodynamic farming was name after her - after this goddess. Rules of nature are always to follow and are the most important ones.

The whole farm or winery for that matter is understood as one unity, where all the processes complement each other and cohere. Demeter products are made in full harmony with nature, no pesticides or chemicals can be used, not even in limited quantities.

Our wines come from organic vineyards that respect regional conditions, use organic vineyard cultivation methods and the whole production process is regularly inspected by certification authorities.

Products that are allowed to care this brand - demeter are the flagship of the organic market, so they can't be missing in our range.

Our wines in Demeter quality